Why Sales Outsourcing is the Best Way for Companies to Expand into the US

March 18th, 2012 by

All international companies who wish to enter the US market recognize that there are significant barriers or roadblocks.  Many companies believe that their only option is to open a US office.  Few companies understand that a better option is to outsource their US operations and sales.  While both options can be a successful way of bringing your international products and services into the US market, outsourcing is by far the more cost effective and quickest to implement.   Let’s dig a little deeper into why this is.

How does an international company open a US office? An international company would need to rent or purchase office space, relocate key employees to the US, learn the US business mentality, hire support\ staff, train its personnel, and create infrastructure (phone, internet, data center, etc.).  All these necessary steps can be time consuming and expensive but may ultimately prove effective.

Now let’s take a look at what it would take to expand into the US market through outsourcing. The international company can hire a US based sales company that already has an established location, has qualified sales personnel, knows the US mentality and has the infrastructure in place.  The International company can train the project manager from the outsourcing company who will then train the sales force.  This approach can avoid the high costs and learning curve that are associated with opening a US based office.

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