JSS Global Sales can serve as your sales and marketing office in North America. Our familiarity with the North American corporate psyche can be critical to any company who wishes to enter this highly lucrative environment. By keeping costs low while maximizing your penetration with our trained personnel, JSS Global wants your company to profit. If you succeed, so do we.



JSS Global Sales will do initial research and outreach to specific verticals in order to help you determine whether your technology can be successful in the North American market. During this market acceptance phase, JSS Global will develop a plan to identify the target audience and recommend ways to introduce and market your product.

Lead Generation

JSS Global Sales will reach out to potential clients in several ways.

Product Demos

Product demonstrations can be held as web meetings or person to person. Our goal is to serve as an integral member of your team. JSS Global will learn the intricacies and advantages of your technologies. JSS Global will familiarize itself with your product so that it can represent you in a seamless manner.

Proposals, Negotiation and Closing

JSS Global will work collaboratively with its customers to create professional proposals, pricing structures, negotiate terms and then close deals.

Partner Generation

JSS Global can create partner relationships with companies that are looking to integrate, resell, or refer client's technologies and services.