JSS Global Sales has the expertise, contacts and experience to serve as your sales force in North America. Our familiarity with the North American market and psyche is critical to any company who wishes to enter this highly lucrative market. By keeping costs down yet maximizing the presence of our North American personnel, JSS Global will provide your company with the optimum chance for success. JSS Global will be able to help in the following ways:


Product Acceptance

JSS Global will conduct research and initial outreach to determine if your products can be successful in the North American market.

Lead Generation

JSS Global will reach out to those retailers who offer the most effective retail channels.

Product Demonstration

JSS Global will learn the intricacies and advantages of your products. This allows JSS Global to present its client’s products as a member of your internal organization.

Product Placement

Through the lead generation, JSS Global can set up different channels for sales including retail locations, online retailers and partner channels.