How Does ReboundTAG Work?

ReboundTAG is the first microchip luggage tag that works in all airports worldwide; it achieves this by incorporating all of the main IATA-approved bag-tracking technologies into one tag

ReboundTAG uses IATA-standard radio frequency identification (RFID) microchips for airports that use microchip systems. Currently large hub airports like Hong Kong use microchip systems to help prevent lost luggage. Airports that do not use microchips can use one of the other layers of technology.


An NFC microchip which can be scanned with most modern smart-phones; our system can then use the GPS in the finder’s phone so the owner can be emailed a map of exactly where their bag was found along with the finder’s details while the actual bag owner’s details are kept private and secure at all times.


There is also a QR code and an ID number printed on the tag so that a lost bag can be identified using these. At the lowest level of technology (or outside an airport), someone can simply enter the printed ID number into our website and we will notify the owner that their bag has been found (while their details are kept secure).


ReboundTAG is integrated with global baggage-handling networks using a system endorsed by the head of airports at IATA; ReboundTAG members receive updates by SMS and email when their bag is found. We use a combination of public systems and exclusive bilateral partnerships with baggage companies to trace lost bags.


As an extra service ReboundTAG has also partnered with a major baggage handling company who have specialized employees to look through the global lost luggage databases; this means flyers can also be updated if their lost bag is found using another airlines’ paper tag! They can also often even let them know when their lost bag will be delivered to them! This is a globally exclusive service for ReboundTAG.